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Explore our range of services to support Swiss forest preservation and combat climate change


CO2 Certificates

Purchase CO2 certificates from us and contribute directly to the funding of our forest preservation initiatives. Each certificate represents a specific amount of CO2 reduction achieved through responsible wood usage and forest protection.


Forest Maintenance

Engage our experienced team who will ensure the upkeep and maintenance of your forest area. We implement sustainable forestry practices, monitor the forest health, and take necessary measures for its protection and growth.


Project Support

Join us in implementing CO2 reduction projects within your own forest land. We offer guidance and resources to support your initiatives, ensuring the sustained benefits of the forest and contributing to the overall climate protection efforts.

Our Unique Value Proposition

We prioritize sustainable forest management and climate protection over profit, ensuring transparent financial practices and long-term benefits for the environment and society.

Sustained Benefits

We carefully manage CO2 projects to ensure the long-term protection and welfare functions of forests.

Transparent Financial Practices

We prioritize environmental impact over profit, ensuring your contributions go directly towards climate protection initiatives.

Join our climate protection efforts

Take action today and make a difference in preserving Swiss forests for future generations.

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